About Us:

This is our crew.  We are quite the eclectic mix.  Doug and Harmony met the summer of 2014 and hit it off instantly.    Doug brought Anthony and James into the relationship and Harmony brought with her Brittany and Brandon .  Together they adopted Colin in July 2015 and had Emmett in Oct 2015.   Although Brandon is not on this trip with us, he is in spirit, and we're certain he will join us from time to time!  Our goal is to sleep and paddleboard in all 50 states.  Which proves to be challenging at times.
We had discussed the idea of going full time in a RV pretty regularly, but in December of 2014 we decided to formulate and put into action a 19 month plan.  First off, we wanted to add another girl to our family, but that plan didn't go as we hoped (but we love little Emmett none the less).   We had recently combined 2 families, so we had a lot to take care of before setting out on this trip.  We have 2 households that have recently been combined, and on top of that, Harmony has been running a daycare out of her home for about 10 years.  Harmony had homeschooled Brittany and Brandon, so we are homeschooling all of them.
Meet The Fam
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    The Dad
    Not all that Wander are Lost!
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    The Mom
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    Sqwacking Crow
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    Drooling Possom
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    Squeaking Mouse
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    The Sister
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    The Love Child
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    Brandon the eldest Boy