Where will we sleep?

If you havent noticed, we have a bunch of kids.  We wanted everyone to have a bed.  We didnt want to break down the couch and dinette every night to put kids to sleep.  We also didnt want something so long it was hard to get in and out of most campgrounds, or be so heavy it burns up transmissions on mountain passes.  We did a lot of searching around.  We decided that we wanted to stay under 31 feet if possible, and have quad bunks in the rear.  Although there are a lot of different bunkhouse models, they are often highly sought after(usually expensive), and sell quickly.   After looking at several different models, both new and used, we decided to jump on this local 2014 Cruiser RV Shawdow Cruise 28QBS.  Then there is the question, where do we park it?  We have read a lot about different options.  To start this adventure, we have gotten our hands on a Thousand Trails membership that includes unlimited camping at their parks, and in addition to that, we will have a RPI Preferred membership as well.
We have been working hard to get the shadow cruiser ready to go.  Added some storage under the kids bunks, removed the dorm fridge from the outdoor kitchen.  I am gonna fill that space with a portable grill and other necessary items.  Also took out the huge Radio/CD player the camper came with, and added a Kenwood Digital Media Car stero .  It takes up less space and works with our phones or a USB device.  We also did a little decorating to make it more our own.  The kids all made their own curtains, gives the bunkhouse a lot of color!  Brittany painted the pegboard we hung up by the bathroom door.  We plan to play around with some different configurations on that to see what works.   We also added some color.  Unfortunately it wasnt in the budget to re-upholster the dinette or couch.  So we have to roll with it on the brown.  We splashed in some orange, blue and greens.  In the bathroom we installed an extend-a-shower .  It allows you to open up the shower when in use, and hide the shower curtain away when not in use.  We also installed a new shower head that works amazing with very little water pressure.
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