Lets talk about Texas

Texas is the largest state in the lower 48.  We dropped in just south of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and followed I10 along west to east.  I wish I could say that Texas has been good to us, unfortunately every moving day in Texas has come with problems.  Originally we were moving from Carlsbad NM down to Big Bend National Park.  After a fuel stop in Pecos and the truck wouldn’t start, our plans were changed.  Big Bend is a very remote area, so although we did get the truck to start, we chose to change plans and keep moving east.  We ended up in Fort Stockton for most of a week while the truck got repaired.  It wasn’t a great place, but Doug’s Cousin came to visit and we made the best of it. 
Next we moved on to Medina Lakes just north of San Antonio for Christmas.  The move again didn’t go as planned, and a wrong turn due to the GPS and a roof vent was ripped off of the trailer.  The stay there was good though, it was a great place to spend the holiday.  We even went paddle boarding on Christmas Day.  The park we stayed at was full of deer; the kids loved feeding them as much as they enjoyed eating our corn.   
A couple days after Christmas we moved to Columbus Texas, which outside of Houston.  It was another moving day with issues; we had a blow out on the trailer about 40 miles from the park.  We got new tires put on the trailer, an expense not expected.  After that we ventured into the city to go to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  The weather changed a lot, it went from hot and humid to cold, then thunder storms and back to hot and humid.  The people have been very welcoming, its been good places to spend the holidays.
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