Gulf Coast

Moving day was short, it was only 99 miles from Yogi's Jellystone to Martin Lake Resort where we are stayed in Mississippi.  It was nice, we didn't have to stop once!  We got settled in just outside of Biloxi, and had some mail to pick up, then visited the Gulf Shores National Sea Shore.  Unfortunately it's the off season, so we couldn't go out to the island itself.   But we saw what we could, including a cute little baby alligator.  After that we drove over to Pascagoula, a gulf port town that Doug was stationed in 20 years ago during his time in the Navy.  The weather is overcast, warm and humid.  We got todo some paddleboarding at the campground, there is a nice little lake.  We even got to play around on some paddle boats!  Although it was never really sunny, we did manage to make it down to the beach and build some sand castles. 
The last day there, we went to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.  Its a childrens museum, and the kids loved it.  They could have played there all day long!

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