We drove into Louisiana on I10 and our first stop was an overnighter at Sam Houston Jones State Park just outside Lake Charles.  It was definitely a swamp!  A big storm had came through the day before, so it was pretty soggy.  The state park was old, with lots of trees, so maneuvering the Cyclone in was a bit tricky.  We got settled, and had a fire and enjoyed some smores.  This park definitely felt like were camping.  The next day we moved over to Robert Louisiana into a Yogi the Bear RV park.  Its off season, so it was more like a Yogi Ghost town.   After a good nights sleep, we ventured over to Baton Rouge to goto the Zoo.  We are actually annual members of this Zoo.  If you are'nt familiar with the AZA , check them out.  'a great program where we get discounted (or free sometimes) entry into other zoos around the country by being a member.  The zoo was pretty cool.  We have been to several, and this one although it's small, was clean, well kept and arranged great.  We had a great day.   The did a bit of shopping, and back home we go!  
We drove down to New Orleans, and walked around the French Quarter.  It isn't much of a family friendly city, and the local tourist things are pretty pricy, including parking.  So we chose to walk around, and check out the city itself.  We got to watch several street shows, from magicians to jazz bands, to a super sweet dance crew.  Also while we were down there, there was a anniversary of a key victory from the battle of 1812, that happened January 8, 1815.  We had a lot of fun, and saw some fun things.   On the way home, we crossed the longest bridge over water in the world, its just over 22 miles long, and there was a traffic jam about half way across, we were on that bride for a while, sure makes you feel stranded!
While there, the waterpump in the 5th wheel went out, we had a flood, and ended up replacing the pump.  We paddleboarded at the campground,and got our sticker!
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