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Doug has done a bit of everything.  Born in Seattle, grew up in Montana.  He started his adult life in the coal mines of Wyoming.  From there he left to join the Navy, and his love of traveling was born.  After a few years of service, he moved to Colorado where he started working in restaurants.  During this time, he spent a couple years up in Breckenridge being a ski bum.  The following summer he spent on the beaches in the Redneck Riviera of the Florida panhandle.  After basking in the Florida sun, at the ripe old age of 30ish, he decided to go to school, and attended UTI in Phoenix, and got a degree in Automotive technology.  A career in that industry didn’t immediately pan out, so he did what he knew and worked in restaurants which lead him to Americas Heartland.  Knee deep in the proverbial "Rat Race" he did what everyone does after they finish school:  He got married and had kids(not necessarily in that order).  After a tumultuous end to that marriage, he sold the house, packed up his boys, and moved back to Montana.  He met Harmony, and this plan was hatched.